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Bodyweight Training
Glutes & Abs
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1 Class/Drop-in
2 Classes x Wk $64/mo
3 Classes x Wk $96/mo
4 Classes x Wk


The next best thing to personal training for a fraction of the price

Designed based on my years of experience with all kinds of clients, my original all-levels classes deliver a variety of well-balanced exercise experiences by addressing several important facets of fitness—cardio, mobility, strength, and endurance. Every class also addresses nutrition coaching in a supportive group setting.

Get the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss journey, achieve your goals, and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle forever!

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“I would most definitely recommend Lizette. I appreciate her attentiveness to each individual in a group setting , her corrections when it comes to form and how she works around people’s injuries yet still makes it challenging.”

Mitzy Arao

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