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Learn how to reduce body fat and improve your health with lasting results through sustainable fitness & nutrition plans!

Prevent rebound weight gain and take control of your fitness with a personalized training and nutrition program and tracking progress with monthly body composition analyses.

Personal Training & Nutrition Packages
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4 sessions – $140
6 sessions – $180
8 sessions – $240
12 sessions – $360

Buddy Deals (2 ppl)

4 sessions – $216
6 sessions – $324
8 sessions – $432
12 sessions – $648

Take advantage of the grand opening prices! They won’t last for long…

I’ve been getting personal training from Lizette since February. I am in my late 50’s. I started with very poor mobility because of my weight and bad knees. She listened and addressed my concerns with empathy while still challenging me. With her modifications I have been able to progress and get stronger with every session. Today I am very happy to say that not only do I have my mobility back, but I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. It has helped me tremendously in accomplishing everyday activities and enjoying a more quality life. I am very grateful to Lizette and would recommend her services to anyone.
– Lucy M. (Personal Training Client)

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