Group Classes

Fitness & Nutrition Classes

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Monday – Thursday
6:00 pm

Bodyweight Training
Glutes & Abs
Strength Training

1 Class/Drop-in
2 Classes x Wk $64/mo
3 Classes x Wk $96/mo
4 Classes x Wk


The next best thing to personal training for a fraction of the price

Designed based on my years of experience with all kinds of clients, my original all-levels classes deliver a variety of well-balanced exercise experiences by addressing several important facets of fitness—cardio, mobility, strength, and endurance. Every class also addresses nutrition coaching in a supportive group setting.

Get the tools you need to succeed in your weight loss journey, achieve your goals, and maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle forever!

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Class Schedule & Description

Bodyweight Challenge
6:00 pm

A full-body circuit including strength and cardio drills meant to burn calories & build strength & muscle with no equipment! Great for beginners.

Peaches &

6:00 pm

Strength and mobility class focused on glutes, hips, & core for lean definition using weight and resistance bands. Shape and define glutes, reduce hip/back pain, and achieve ab definition & a flatter belly!

Strong is the New Sexy
6:00 pm

Strength-focused circuit using a variety of equipment to increase muscle tone and functional strength, allowing you to burn more calories at rest!

6:00 pm

A high-intensity interval class with varying equipment and approaches to build strength, endurance, and increase your metabolism so you keep burning calories even after the class is done!

“I would most definitely recommend Lizette. I appreciate her attentiveness to each individual in a group setting , her corrections when it comes to form and how she works around people’s injuries yet still makes it challenging.”

Mitzy Arao